Hennepin EMS Project HeartSafe

Hennepin EMS Project HeartSafe is an ongoing collaboration with the Minnesota Rescucitation Consortium and EMS partners from around Hennepin County and the Twin Cities Metropolitan area to increase cardiac arrest survival rates in the community. Hennepin EMS partners with the public safety agencies in the municipalties we serve to support awareness and training for the following areas:

 > Bystander Hands-Only CPR and AED training

 > Emphasis on training in schools, workplaces and special events

 > Broadly and strategically placing AEDs, with program partnerships to assist in rapid locating and deployment.

Please call the Hennepin EMS Education Department for more information on Project Heartsafe:


KSTP's "Web Extra": Hennepin EMS Educator Rob Snyder Demonstrates CPR and AEDs for Project Heartsafe

What would you do in a sudden cardiac arrest? Try the on-line simulator at: http://www.heartrescuenow.com/